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MP3 files are much smaller and have been compressed so they lose some data. WAV files are usually lossless and have not been compressed, so they have more data. This means more in terms of file size, but also usually means better quality of audio and more options for editing.

Beat licensing, also known as beat leasing, is the exchange of money for the legal rights to use a beat as outlined by the licensor. You may hear or see the phrase “beats for sale”, but the majority of time, it’s actually a license being sold. This license grants permission to use a beat under some terms, up to a certain number of sales/streams, or a certain amount of time (legally known as the “term”). Once these limits are reached, the license expires and another license will need to be purchased to continue using the beat. There are two main types of licences: non-exclusive and exclusive.

JamPad only offers non-exclusive beats for now.

Please read our tems & conditions to know about our licensing terms 


A “non-exclusive license” means more than one artist could legally license the beat. Once you record your vocals to a beat that was licensed to you, that new song is called a derivative work. Even though you just made a new song, you only own the copyright to the lyrics. We (JamPad) or our producers still own the copyright to the beat.

So should you submit your song to distribution services like TuneCore or CDbaby and they ask you who the copyright owners of the song are, you’ll have to tell them that you only have copyright over the lyrics and that you’ve created a ‘New work’ with copyright protected audio that has been non-exclusively licensed to you by Us (JamPad)

To answer this, consider a few questions

  1. Do you want to make a song at low cost?
  2. Are you just starting out your career?
  3. Do you want to make music as a hobby?
  4. Are you just wanting to make a song for fun?
  5. Are you new to buying beats online or the music business in general?
  6. Are you new to making money with your music?
  7. Are you still building your fan base?
  8. Are you still learning how to market your music?
  9. Are you simply testing to see if your song can be a hit?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, you might wanna start with non-exclusive licensing.

  1. You can upload 1 song per beat to any streaming platform: Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, etc
  2. You can monetise the above mentioned platforms
  3. Keep 100% royalties from the platforms

No, you are not allowed to claim Content ID on Youtube or any other streaming platforms. Since you are licensing the beat from us, the original copyright belongs to JamPad or our producers. 

Yes, other people can license the same beat. 

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